Sudhakar Duraiswamy

Sudhakar Duraiswamy

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Over 8 years of IT experience in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle and Maintenance of web based and client server multi-tier applications/architectures using Java/J2EE technologies, I strongly believe in bringing IT expertise and value to projects and look forward for a mutually enriching and beneficial experience.

  • Anna University - (Bachelor of Electrical & Electronic) 2005
  • JGVV Higher Secondary School - (Computer Science) 2001
Expertise Summary
  • Strong Analytical, problem solving skills. Quick Learner with keen interest in the Emerging Technologies and sharp inclination to Open-source.
  • Strong understanding & hands on experience in Object Oriented Principles, Analysis and Design/Development Methodologies using Java 1.4, 5 & 6 and J2EE (1.4/1.5/1.6).
  • Working knowledge on Java Concurrency – Multithreading (1.4 & 1.5 )
  • Strong Experience in technologies like Java Servlets, JDBC 3 &4, and Spring 3.0 Core.
  • Experience in MVC frameworks including Spring MVC 3.0
  • Distributed Technologies: EJB 3.0, JAX-RS , JAX-WS.
  • Basic Expertise in JPA 2.0 and Experience with ORM tools like Hibernate 3.x./4.x , iBatis/MyBatis
  • Experience in writing complex Oracle SQL queries – Oracle 10 & 11G
  • Experience in Scripting languages like MVEL 2.0 and Freemarker.
  • Extensively used open source libraries of Apache Commons like Common Net, Commons Lang, DBCP.
  • Extensive experience in using third party API’s like, QUARTZ -used for Scheduling Jobs
  • Experience in working with WebContainers like Tomcat, servers like BEA Weblogic, JBOSS,Websphere
  • Knowledge of JUNIT, JUnitParams testing framework and MAVEN build environment.
  • Profiling & others – Jprobe , Eclipse Memory Analyzer
  • TDD – Test Driven Development using Junit4 , Easymock , SpringTest , Jmeter,SoapUI
  • Basic Experience is Web Based Technologies including HTML, JavaScript, JQUERY, AJAX, CSS 2.
  • Markup Languages: HTML 4.1 ,XML (DTD, XSD)
  • Extensive experience in Integrated Development Environment (IDE) like Eclipse, IntelliJ
  • Version Control Software & others SVN, CVS & GIT , Jenkins
  • Working experience with methodologies like Agile – Scrum , Spiral
  • Agile Tools – Rally ,Crucible , ReviewBoard ,jira ,
  • Self Learnt – Basic Knowledge in GoogleApps & Amazon AWS
My Apps
(developed in my leisure time)
Professional Experience
Cablevision (New York)
Project: FS Mobility

This project involved in developing an integrated backend solution which encompasses multiple backend systems like Billing/Cable Data, ETAdirect and Logistics Inventory, exposes it as REST service. This streamlined the existing business process which were mainly performed manually, with an IT process by where data flows directly from the field to backend systems without any manual entry. This has improved and offered great cost benefits especially in Equipment Inventory Management & Work Order Management.

Project: Rules Engine

This project involved in externalizing the business logic out of the application. I single handedly designed, developed and demoed a custom-built business rules Management Platform engine. This system is used to define, deploy and Create and manage complex decision logic and business logic by Cablevision Business point-of-contacts. Backend built on Spring 3.0 MVC, MVEL 2.0, and Oracle 10.1. UI built using Bootstrap, Jquery, JSP.

Project: Proactive Communication (PAC) part of Field Services Mobility

This project involves in designing a Communication platform which is wholly managed sub -system of FSM (Field Services Appointment and Schedule management system) responsible for sending Appointment Related communications to Cablevision Customers through multiple channels namely Email, Short Message Service, Interactive Voice Response. The System also exposes REST Web-service for all dependent systems to fetch Appointments/Schedule information. The application is designed to follow SAS (Software as Service) model, and built latest in Open source technologies like (spring, Spring MVC, etc.)

Nike (Oregon)
Work Location : Chennai
Project : Apparel Product Image Manager (PIM)

The project involves in designing and building an Application for Apparel segment Line Management. Apparel Product Image Manager (PIM) Application is an image managing system using which the Nike Product Line Managers and Designers are able to associate and store images with the line plan data and automatically generate formatted Image Assortments.

The Application is centered on centralizing and managing the Product Images and their association with business Data .i.e a Web Catalog encompassing the business data. The application is designed to follow SAS (Software as Service) model, and built latest in Open source technologies like (spring core, hibernate, apache etc.)

Belgacom (Brussels) Java/J2ee Technical Analysts (Nov 2006 – Dec 2010)
Work Location : Brussels (2 years) , Chennai(2 years)
Project : Common Authentication and Authorization AKA (single sign-on) for all CSS (customer self -care) websites

This project was started in the hindsight of the acquisition of this company by the largest telecom provider of Belgium. This project is responsible for merging the authentication systems of both the companies into single, enabling Customer of both companies to maintain single web profile and benefit from the wide array of products and services one can avail and manage.

Given the gravity of the merger , This project was one of the important project for both clients and as well as for us as it brings the a gamut of web applications, under one roof for authentication and> I was the lead developer ,involved in the core development team responsible for Prototyping, Design & Development of this solution.

Following were the key features:
- Authentication based on Java Crypto Api (AES Encryption 128 using keystore).
- Authentication Service (& a client jar) for Proximus Web applications to integrate and provides authentication out-of-the box which involves contacting Weblogin for every request made to validate the authenticity, maintain and update cookies at client side and providing token based session management

The application was well designed and received many accolades for the work.

Project : Content Management System (Proxipact)

Proxipact is content management system and deployment management system. All data used by Customer Support Sites are created and maintained and fetched from Proxipact. Proxipact also enables custom sites to be created and deployed within the system. Applications Developed:

  • Online e-shop for GSM handsets
  • Bulk upload of Handsets configurations to Proxipact Content Management.
  • Rest Service for Customer Loyalty Management

Project : Customer Self-care Applications

Following applications were developed during this time frame

Call and Reload History
An application enabling users to view their call data and reload history for the past 3 months

E-bill application
An application providing an interface via which, users could view bill info and subscribe/unsubscribe bill-sending through email/sms.It’s one of the significant Go Green project and produced significant cost benefits to client.

Order History
An Application to view all purchase orders placed by Business

New Generation Loyalty Program for Business and Residential Customers
A new Loyalty program developed to retain and expand both business and residential customer base

Other Interests
  • Swimming,Running
  • Reading Sci-fi Novels
  • Develop/Contribute to Opensource projects
Available on request